Nasi Ispani reference number

The Nasi Ispani reference number is a unique identifier that is assigned to each applicant who applies for a job through the Nasi Ispani initiative. The reference number is used to track the application process and to communicate with applicants about the status of their application.

Applicants will receive their Nasi Ispani reference number via SMS within two weeks of submitting their application. The reference number will be in the format REFS/[number]. For example, an applicant with the reference number REFS/123456 would be the 123,456th applicant to apply for a job through the Nasi Ispani initiative.

Applicants can use their Nasi Ispani reference number to track the status of their application online. The Gauteng Provincial Government website has a section where applicants can enter their reference number to see their application status.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Nasi Ispani walk-in centres

In order for you to get the reference, you would need to have visited one of the nasi ispani walk-in centres and submitted your application.

Online application

Make sure that your Nasi Ispani online application was successful. The online application process made it easier for people to apply for jobs, regardless of their access to the internet or their comfort level with online applications.

Valid mobile number

There is a possibility that the reference number may be sent via SMS, so it is important to ensure that you have provided a valid mobile phone number. This ensures that you can receive the reference number promptly and conveniently. By supplying an accurate and working mobile phone number, you can stay informed and stay on track with the necessary information for your reference.

Valid email address

Again, there is a possibility that the reference number may be sent to you via email. Therefore, it is again important to ensure that you have provided a valid email address during your Nasi Ispani account. This will ensure that you receive the reference number and any related communication without any issues. Double-checking the accuracy of your email address is crucial to ensure a smooth and seamless process.

The Gauteng Provincial Government plans to continue holding the Nasi Ispani initiative online in the future. The online application process has proven to be a successful way to reach more applicants and to make the application process more efficient.

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