Your complete guide to the PYEI phase 5 application 2024 process

Attention South African youth! It is that time of the year when The Department of Basic Education will be hiring for PYEI Phase 5 in 2024! They need talented young people like you to send application for roles like general school assistants, teachers’ assistants, curriculum assistants, sport & enrichment assistants and more.

I’m here to get you ready for this incredible opportunity that falls under Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI). I’ll also provide information on how to apply, salary ranges, the application form, downloads and everything else you need to know. Stay tuned and get ready to take notes!

What is Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI Phase 5)

Last year, Phase IV of the PYEI program began on February 1st, aiming to coincide with the start of the academic year and place youth in schools. However, this timing sparked controversy among parents and School Governing Bodies (SGBs). They argued that by February, schools had already covered significant ground, and introducing new personnel to learners at that stage could disrupt the learning environment. They felt it would be more beneficial for future PYEI phases to begin at the start of the school year, rather than waiting until February.

How many jobs will PYEI Phase 5 offer per province

PYEI Phase 1 up to 3 created more than 850 000 job opportunities for the South African youth. The target for Phase 4 created 255 000 job opportunities for youth across the nine provinces. PYEI Phase 5 is also aimed to create an exciting number of opportunities and it would be great for you to participate.

Opportunities will be provided in areas like education, police, community health workers, sports coaches, and other roles across multiple sectors, hence why the government set aside R11 billion to fund Phase 4 of the PYEI and, this year the budget might be even more.

ProvinceNumber of Jobs
Northern Cape7000
Free State15500
North West16000
Western Cape21000
Eastern Cape40100
KZN (Kwa-Zulu Natal)59500
PYEI Phase 5 jobs per province

What are the roles within PYEI Phase 5

  • Curriculum Assistants or Teachers Assistants: Work with educators in classrooms, but do not teach (teaching remains with educators).
  • Reading Champions: Assist foundation phase learners with reading comprehension.
  • E-Cadres: Support ICT integration in teaching and learning, and may also help with admin tasks.
  • Care and Support Assistants: Provide basic psychosocial support to learners.
  • Sports and Enrichment Assistants: Support implementation of sports, arts, and culture activities.
  • Handymen and Women: Help with upkeep and maintenance of school buildings.

Below are the courses you must complete according to your choice

How to positioning yourself as the best PYEI Phase 5 application candidate for 2024?

Before you send in your PYEI Phase 5 application 2024, the applicants will be posted within public schools all over the country. This allows the government to offer job opportunities to the most vulnerable youth, who might otherwise need to leave their homes to find them. Inclusiveness is therefore a core principle of the program.

Schools have the full authority to appoint PYEI Phase 5 applicants, so to be on the advantage side, check the following:

  1. Applicant must not have been participated in all previous Four phases (Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4)
  2. You must be at the age of 18 – 34 years.
  3. Schools will consider applicants who resides within 5 km radius if the area falls under urban area. In this way, the youth do not have to spend money on transportation between their homes and the schools where they will be employed. But 30 km radius for farm and rural schools.
  4. Schools have been encouraged to give opportunities to youth living with disabilities and a medical certificate confirming the nature of disability will be a must.
  5. Schools will also prioritise females applicants.
  6. One opportunity per household.
  7. Applicant must NOT be receiving government grants for self (e.g. NSFAS, Funza Lushaka, SASSA SRD 350 grant).
  8. Applicant must not have any criminal record.
  9. Youth that have a valid South African Identity Book.

How much is PYEI phase 5 salary?

The salary or stipend for PYEI Phase 5 would have changed from previous amounts. In Phase 4, participants where earning a gross salary of R4,081.44 per month before deductions. However, only a small UIF contribution of less than 1% will still be deducted from your monthly salary.

How to apply?

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  1. Hi good Sir /Madam
    My name is Liam Clarke …I would love to apply for this year 2024 PYEI phase 5 .
    I passed metric in 2023 with Bachelor …I’m currently 18years old very active young men ,I’m willing to assist where ever the school needs me to assist …I’m also doing sports inside and outside school career.
    I don’t know how to apply…please if someone can help me with the application ,I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance…

  2. Good Evening
    I would like to assist a school and help anyway I could.
    may I please have a link or info on how to apply.

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