Explain How Climate Change Causes Global Warming

Scoring High Marks on Climate Change and Global Warming

Hey there! Being a homework tutor, I can definitely help you ace thais essay on climate change and global warming. Here’s how to score a perfect 40 marks✓✓ for the topic “Explain how Climate Change causes Global Warming essay”.

Alright, let’s tackle this question in a way that’s easy to understand and relevant to South Africa. Here’s how a student can structure their answer to score full marks:

How to answer “Explain How Climate Change Causes Global Warming” correctly?

Let us look at the magic term: Essay. When a question asks a student to write an “Climate or Global warming essay,” they (students) are expected to provide a structured and well-organised piece of writing that presents and supports a main idea or a position.

The essay should have an introduction that introduces the topic and states the position or a side of the writer, body paragraphs that support the thesis or position with evidence and examples based on their country of South Africa, and a conclusion that summarises the main points and restates the position (good/bad).

Marks allocation for the “Explain how climate change causes global warming” Essay

SectionContent DescriptionMarks Allocation
IntroductionDefinition of key terms5
The Greenhouse EffectExplanation of the process10
Human ActivitiesHow humans contribute to warming10
Impacts in South AfricaLocal effects of global warming10
ConclusionSummary and importance of the topic5
Explain how climate change causes global warming Essay

Introduction for when you are asked to explain how climate change causes global warming in an Essay format.

Imagine Earth is like a giant greenhouse. Sunlight enters, warming things up nicely. But unlike a normal greenhouse that lets heat escape, some gases in our atmosphere act like a blanket, trapping that heat. These gases, like carbon dioxide and methane, are called greenhouse gases.

The body for climate change essay

Now, here’s the twist: human activities are adding more and more of these greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Burning fossil fuels like coal and petrol for cars releases a lot of carbon dioxide. In South Africa, coal-fired power plants are a major source. Even clearing forests, which absorb carbon dioxide, contributes to the problem.

With more heat trapped, our planet is getting warmer – that’s global warming! This can lead to rising sea levels, more extreme weather events like floods and droughts, and even changes in plant and animal life. Not cool, right?

Conclusion for the climate change essay

Now, in our beautiful South Africa, this extra warmth is not always a good thing. It can make our droughts worse, destroy our farms, and even make our daily life cost more. We have to take care of our land, our animals, and our people by finding ways to slow down this warming. It is up to all of us, from Jozi to Cape Town, to make a change for the better!


  • Use simple language and avoid overly technical terms.
  • Connect your answer to South Africa by mentioning local examples (coal power plants, deforestation).
  • Briefly touch on the consequences of global warming to show its seriousness.
  • Maintain a clear and organised structure.

For higher marks, the essay answer should demonstrate critical thinking, a paragraph with history or background of the topic, and all should be written with clarity and simple english for better understanding.

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