Causes And Effects Of Ozone Depletion Essay

Causes And Effects Of Ozone Depletion Essay

How to answer “Causes And Effects Of Ozone Depletion Essay” correctly?

Let us look at the magic term: Essay. When a question asks a student to write an “Climate or Global warming essay,” they (students) are expected to provide a structured and well-organised piece of writing that presents and supports a main idea or a position. The essay should have an introduction that introduces the topic and states the position or a side of the writer, body paragraphs that support the thesis or position with evidence and examples based on their country of South Africa, and a conclusion that summarises the main points and restates the position (good/bad). For higher marks, the essay should demonstrate critical thinking, a paragraph with history or background of the topic, and all should be written with clarity and simple english for better understanding.

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