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Ever wondered how Tsamma Secondary School pass rate for 2023 is? This article will share their pass rate for the past three years. We will also see if the pass rate is improving or declining. We will even talk about the ptincipal Alexander Mlungisi Commissioner, share reviews and some photos. So, a future applicant, or a curious parent, this article is for you!

If I count all classes and grades from bottom up to grade 12, this school actually has 1105 learners in total and most of them are coming from Jouberton and around, but for the sake of this article, I will focus more on the matric 2023 class that had 127 bright students.

You can also check National Matric Results Percentage 2023. This pass rate is rubber-stamped by the minister of basic education, Mrs Angie Motshekga on the 18th January 2024, but for now let’s dive into the specifics!

Tsamma Secondary School pass rate 2023, 2022 to 2021

Tsamma Secondary School have made significant effort in trying to improve their matric pass rates. For instance the 2023 National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams pass rate is decreased to 82,7% pass rate, as compared to 87,0% in 2022. This resulted in Tsamma Secondary School Ranking No.: 115 in the province, followed by Jerry Mahura Secondary School at No.: 116 and Vryburg High School ranking No.: 117.

2021 2022 2023
Wrote 137✍ 115✍ 127✍
Failed 19☹ 25☹ 15☹
Total Achieved 111 (81,0%) 🏆 100 (87,0%) 🏆 105 (82,7%) 🏆
Ranking (MP only) No.: 89 No.: 130 No.: 115
Tsamma Secondary School Pass Rate 2023-2021

Pass Rate Explained

This high school is located in Jouberton under the Dr. K. Kaunda district, with EMIS Number: 600102202. This school has consistently strived for excellence over the years.

2023 pass rate

Now, last year 2023, Tsamma Secondary School again went to register 127 learners to sit for the matric exams. Of the 127 learners who wrotematric, last year we see 15 learners getting a fail, while 105 learners were Top Achievers.

The missing gap in numbers between learners who wrote and the Top Achievers are those who got certificates pass level.

Tsamma Secondary School got 82,7% pass rate on 2023 Matric exam results. On that year, we see it Ranking*: No.: 115🏆 in North West Province.

2022 pass rate

Whereas in 2022, Tsamma Secondary School went to register 115 learners to sit for the Grade 12 NSC examinations. Of the 115 learners who wrote the exams, 25 got a fail, while 100 learners were Top Achievers.

This resulted in a 87,0% pass rate for Tsamma Secondary School in 2022. On that year, the school ended up Ranking* No.: 130 in the province.

Pass Rate 2021

In 2021, Tsamma Secondary School registered 137 learners to write the Grade 12 National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations. Of the 137 learners who wrote the exams, 19 were unsuccessful, while 111 learners were Top Achievers.

This resulted in a 81,0% pass rate for Tsamma Secondary School in 2021. On that year, the school ended up Ranking* No.: 89 in the province.

Tsamma Secondary School Principal

The principal of Tsamma Secondary School is Alexander Mlungisi Commissioner and has been with the school for a reasonable time now. The experience of the principal, 32 teachers on board and 127 motivated Grade 12 learners made this high school to demonstrate this year’s decreased pass rate.

The availability of Tsamma Secondary School past exam papers and memos on our website for all learners to download for free, has show great success too.

Tsamma Secondary School Photos

Below I will publish photos for Tsamma Secondary School Top Achievers receiving their awards together with their principal, so give me a moment to put this gallery together.

Tsamma Secondary School Reviews

We value your opinion! Please take a moment to write a review about Tsamma Secondary School below. Your feedback helps us improve and helps other parents/guardians to know about your experience. Thank you in advance!


  • This article exclusively examines the overall Matric pass rates for the school and does not delve into the performance of individual students or school fees. The data provided here is directly sourced from the Department of Education.
  • Rating* is divided by the total number of students who wrote in the province.

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