Rietvlei Akademie-Lyttelton

Rietvlei Akademie-Lyttelton: The Importance of Choosing a School with Affordable Fees and a Strong Focus on Student Success.

Greetings! If you’re a parent looking for an affordable school that produces good results, Rietvlei Akademie-Lyttelton might be just what you’re looking for. Rietvlei Akademie-Lyttelton eagerly welcomes new students each academic year, attracting learners from South Africa and beyond with its long-standing reputation for excellence.

Quick Facts

Info Facts
Head Mr/s Izelke Rheeders
No. of teachers 6
No. of learners 52
Phase Independent Primary
Gender Mixed Gender
Language Afrikaans
EMIS Number 700401052
All details are as per The Department of Basic Education 2021 Data

Rietvlei Akademie-Lyttelton Fees

The best way to explain the fees for Rietvlei Akademie-Lyttelton this year is to first explain Rietvlei Akademie-Lyttelton’s Quantile, so that you can fully comprehend. Quintiles 1, 2, and 3 are designated no-fee schools, receiving R1,177 in funding per learner from the Department of Education. Quintile 4 schools receive R590 per learner, while Quintile 5 schools receive R204, making them fee-paying as government funds alone are insufficient to cover their expenses. To ease the burden of fees, parents may opt to pay monthly. However, full payment for the whole year entitles them to discounts ranging from 3% to 10%. Siblings can also receive discounts of up to 10% if there are more than one dependant.

Contact Rietvlei Akademie-Lyttelton

Rietvlei Akademie-Lyttelton is conveniently located next to several amenities in the bustling town of Lyttelton Centurion, making it a great choice for families looking for a school with easy access to shopping, restaurants, and other community services. With a reputation for academic excellence and a supportive learning environment, Rietvlei Akademie-Lyttelton is an ideal option for parents seeking a well-rounded education for their children.
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Contact Form

Please use this form to contact.

Parent Details

Learner Details

The best time to contact the school is between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM, after the students have finished their assembly responsibilities and are settled in classes. During the above timeframe, the administrative team or the principal will be available to address any inquiries, school tours, speak with prospective parents, or distribute registration forms while the students are in their classrooms. Click for a place to rent in Lyttelton Centurion or place to rent near Rietvlei Akademie-Lyttelton, because more and more parents in Gauteng province are choosing to buy or rent properties near their children’s schools. School Click is not in anyway trying to act as the school’s main point of contact. For more info, please visit the school or website.

How to register at Rietvlei Akademie-Lyttelton?

Customised registration options at Rietvlei Akademie-Lyttelton cater to the unique needs of every student.

This school is an independent and a fee paying school, and the GED process might not apply here. Waiting list will be communicated by the admissions department.

  1. Get an updated registration form

    It might be possible that this year, the school management have made few changes on the registration form, so by visiting the admin office, you will be furnished with an updated registration form detailing all the requirements. The form might also be available on the website.

  2. Fill-in the registration form

    Your form must be correctly filled and all details visible. If both parents are involved in getting their child to This school, then both mom and dad details must be in the form. You might have to specify details like allergies and medical information, sometimes specify the times for medication.

  3. Attachments

    Documents like: Birth certificate, parent ID/Passport copy, recent term results or report and transfer letter from previous school might be required to return with a form.

  4. Returning of the form

    Registration forms can be returned by hand to the office, or emailed to the admin desk. All upfront fees might need to be verified before your application is processed.

  5. Admission Letter/Offer

    After a successful application, and the is a space for your child, an admission letter will be sent to the guardian for signing, then you are set for a sparkling new academic year with the school.

Rietvlei Akademie-Lyttelton News

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