Extra Cash Flow in 2024: 33 Creative Ways South Africans Are Earning More This Year

Feeling financially depressed in 2024? Don’t worry, this article is not about tightening your belt – it’s about adding pockets and income stream! The South African economy has its challenges, but that hasn’t dampened the entrepreneurial spirit of many citizens.

There are some simple ways people are cashing in this year. We are seeing a surge in creative ways to generate extra cash flow. Here are some of the most innovative and inspiring examples:

1. Sell on Takealot

Takealot, South Africa’s online shopping giant, can be your personal money-making marketplace! Think of it as your virtual storefront. Sign up as a seller, list your products (anything from handmade crafts to tech gadgets), and watch Takealot’s massive customer base do the shopping for you. They handle deliveries, payments, and logistics, while you simply reap the profits. It’s like having a shop open 24/7, without the hefty overhead costs. Best part? You set your own prices and manage your inventory – Takealot just brings the hungry online crowd. So, dust off your entrepreneurial spirit, unleash your inner shopkeeper, and turn Takealot into your personal side hustle goldmine!

2. Removing extended family members from funeral policies

Taking an old-aged relative out of your funeral policy can save you money (R900 or more yearly). It’s a tough decision though, especially in places where basic burial and funeral day is important, like in rural areas and townships. Though most of funeral policy packages like icebolethu often include older relatives for little cost, their own family might already be able to handle such burial expenses and might be having a similar funeral policy to cater to those old-aged members burdening your finances.

3. Cancelling extra mobile phone contracts

Cancelling mobile phone contract that are not beneficial to save money: Feeling chained to a pricey phone contract? Break free with contract cancellation! Analyse your usage – are you paying for data you don’t use, stuck in a long lock-in period, or just not getting the perks you deserve? If so, it’s time to say goodbye (but keep your number!). Check termination fees because most of parents have mobile phone contracts for more than one phones. These days our kids also want phones that are expensive just like those of adults. Remember, you’re the boss of your mobile life – choose a plan that fits your family budget and usage, and save those extra bucks for something truly delightful!

4. Stop living above your means

Stop living above your means might sound counterintuitive as a money-making strategy, but it’s actually a powerful foundation for building income streams. Some people are not wired for business and they cant sell anything to save their life. Think of it like this: instead of chasing extra income to fill financial gaps, you close those gaps first. This frees up resources – cash you were previously spending on unnecessary things – which you can then direct towards income-generating activities. Imagine having the extra time and money from not overspending to invest in a side hustle. It’s not about deprivation, but about conscious choices that create financial space for sustainable income growth. So, stop the leaks in your financial bucket and watch your income stream overflow!

5. Starting a tuck shop

Transforming everyday needs into cash? Consider starting a tuck shop! I know a lot of Somalians and Pakistanis are already playing in this field in the townships and homelands but, It’s all about identifying what people in your area crave but have to travel far for, like grocery items that are not expired and snacks that are still within their sell-by date, or phone chargers. Stock a small space with those essentials, cater to convenience, and watch the local love – and money – roll in. Easy setup, quick returns, and happy customers? Now that’s a sweet deal!

6. Starting home baking and sell

Selling home baked goods at your student residence, or selling within your community can be a delicious way to earn an income stream! Turn your kitchen into a money-making oven by baking delectable treats like cookies, cakes, or even custom-designed goodies, but home-baked scones are the top selling item. Most people love baked treats but there is no time and most of us can not bake you see, so when visitors come, a well baked scones snd tea would be the best welcome. Sell your baked items to friends, colleagues, church members, Whatsapp groups and on social media platforms. Start small with easy recipes and gradually expand your menu as you build a customer base and only when there is a need to do so. Remember, presentation is key – beautiful packaging and creative flavours can win over hearts (and wallets!). So preheat your passion, dust off your mixing bowls, and get ready to bake your way to a sweeter financial future!

7. Selling scented candles

Turn your nose for good scents into a steady income stream! Craft beautiful, fragrant candles that tantalise with unique aromas. Pick captivating combinations like spicy pumpkin chai or calming lavender or vanilla scent that is known to be perfect for cozy nights. Sell them at local markets, set up an online shop, or even offer personalised scents for special occasions. The low startup costs and high profit margins make it a sweet-smelling side hustle, and who wouldn’t be drawn to the warm glow and inviting scents you create? So, light up your entrepreneurial spirit and watch your candle creations turn into cash! Try to come up with new fragrances like using favourite perfumes, stay-soft fragrances or the unusual innovative fragrances.

8. Stokvels

A South African tradition rooted in community and financial resilience, can be more than just a savings club. It can be a springboard for generating an income stream! Imagine a pool of money growing steadily, contributed to by a group of trusted individuals. That’s a stokvel! By participating, you access this shared fund, potentially receiving a lump sum payout at regular intervals, December month to be exact. Most of stokvel members are beginning to have an arrangement whereby the payout month is shifted to January, this helps in paying for school fees, uniforms and at the same time avoiding the December mindless spending. By harnessing the collective power of a stokvel, your savings might blossom into a sustainable income stream when you need funds the most!

9. OnlyFans

OnlyFans offers a controversial, yet potential, side hustle. You create exclusive content, often intimate, with access granted for monthly subscriptions or one-time fees. Fans who pay get to see photos, videos, live streams, and even personalised messages. Success depends on building a loyal audience and consistently delivering enticing content. It’s important to understand the platform’s rules, handle finances wisely, and be ready for potential social stigma. Ultimately, OnlyFans can be a lucrative option for those comfortable sharing personal content, but careful consideration and self-awareness are crucial.

10. Starting as an Uber eats driver

Delivering food with Uber Eats can be a flexible and potentially lucrative side hustle. It’s all about using your own car or scooter to pick up orders from restaurants and drop them off to hungry customers. You choose your hours, work as much or as little as you like, and get paid directly after each delivery.

11. Selling small ice packs

Selling small ice packs can be a cool way to tap into a steady income stream. Imagine hot summer days, people scrambling for a cold drink or relief from the sun during events and family gatherings– that’s your cue to step in with refreshing packs of icy goodness. Target areas with high foot traffic like markets, festivals, or even busy streets near construction sites. Keep your prices competitive and don’t bother selling different sizes when you start and you can create a refreshing little business that beats the heat and fills your pockets.

12. Cleaning company

Most of cleaning companies died during the lockdowns and pandemic times because, everyone was locked in their rooms and public places had no traffic, on top of it all, cleaning services where not classified as “emergency services”. By strategically adapting, targeting the right audience, and prioritising safety and trust, you can breathe new life into your cleaning company and turn it into a thriving income stream in the post-pandemic world. Remember, cleanliness is king (or queen) in 2024, and a revived cleaning company can capitalise on this growing demand!

13. Selling Aprons

Apron-preneurs rejoice! For just R150, you can transform simple cloth into stylish shields from kitchen splatters. Whether you craft chic cross-backs, playful pockets, or even personalised prints like Shweshwe, Tsonga print or Tshivenda Nwenda print during lobola celebrations, selling aprons offers a low-cost entry into the handmade hustle. You can target group chefs, women clubs, braai enthusiasts, or even aspiring bakers seeking a touch of flair. Market your creations online or even partner with restaurants or cooking classes for a captive audience. So, grab your needle and thread, unleash your creativity, and watch your apron empire take flight!

14. Start a Yaga Store (Not Yoga)

Imagine a virtual garage sale or jumble sale on social media, buzzing with fashion finds and eager buyers – that’s Yaga! This South African app is your gateway to an income stream built on pre-loved treasures or used items. Whether you’re decluttering your wardrobe, revamping your home decor, or simply unearthing forgotten gems, Yaga lets you list your items for sale with ease. You take clear photos of your items, add a catchy description, and set your price. Yaga’s user-friendly interface makes listing a breeze. Yaga connects you with buyers in your area, increasing the chances of a quick sale. Communicate directly with potential buyers, answer questions, and negotiate prices if needed. Yaga offers built-in payment options and delivery partners, ensuring a smooth and safe transaction. The best part? Selling on Yaga is free! You keep 100% of your profits, giving you more control and flexibility. Plus, you’re contributing to a sustainable future by giving pre-loved items a second life. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Yaga app, unlock your inner entrepreneur, and watch your clutter transform into cash!

15. Selling custom printed sippy cups

How to start Selling custom printed sippy cups

Custom printed sippy cups might be your golden ticket! Imagine adorable toddlers sporting cups adorned with their favourite cartoon characters, personalised names, or even inside jokes for parents (think “Nap Queen” or “Fuelled by Coffee and Chaos”). Cater to specific themes like trendy TV shows (Cocomelon, Baby Shark, etc), local sports teams, or personalised milestones (first birthday, “Big Brother” status). You can even offer seasonal designs for holidays or summer fun.

16. Student accommodation

Living near a TVET, College or University? Turn that spare room into a gold mine! Renting to students brings a steady income stream in a predictable cycle. They’ll appreciate the convenience of being close to campus, and you’ll enjoy reliable rent payments and potentially even some friendly company. It’s a win-win: students get a cozy pad, you get extra cash, and everyone gets happy roommates.

Start Student accommodation business

Put rules in place, for example, loud noises and large crowds in to your home. Student rooms are must better rented out if there is a possibility to share the room, so get two beds in a room. So dust off that guest room, put out the “room for rent” sign, and watch your wallet smile at this student-magnet side hustle!

17. Selling skin care products

Selling to for those suffering from acne dark spots and scars, this business it is a potentially lucrative side hustle! Targeting a specific audience like those struggling with acne, dark spots, and scars is a smart move. These individuals are actively seeking solutions and often willing to invest in products that promise improvement. Become the acne guru: Research effective ingredients, popular brands, and DIY remedies. Build an online presence showcasing your knowledge through blog posts, social media tips, and even before-and-after comparisons (with your own or model’s consent, of course!). Don’t overwhelm customers with a vast inventory. Choose a handful of high-quality products with proven track records for acne, dark spots, and scars. People with acne often feel misunderstood and frustrated. Provide free consultations, either online or in person, to understand their specific concerns and recommend suitable products. This builds trust and loyalty, turning one-time buyers into repeat customers and remember: Testimonials and reviews are gold!

18. Spend 31 days without smoking cigarettes

Quitting smoking isn’t just good for your lungs, it can be good for your wallet too! While cigarettes suck money out of your pocket, quitting opens up doors to new income streams. Think about it: 31 days without smoking translates to savings on packs, lighters, and maybe even healthcare costs down the line. That saved cash can be the seed money for your next hustle. You could invest in starting that bakery you’ve dreamt of, finally launch your online craft store, or even enrol in a course to up-skill yourself for a higher-paying job. Plus, ditching the habit boosts your energy and focus, making you more productive and potentially helping you land gigs or freelance work you couldn’t have tackled before. So, kick the butt, watch the savings pile up, and turn your smoke-free life into a springboard for financial freedom!

19. Graveyard cleaning

Earning an income while honouring community members who have passed on can be a meaningful and respectful way to make a living. Offering grave cleaning services caters to a need many families face, especially during busy times or for those unable to do the upkeep themselves. Focus on a specific cemetery or neighbourhood, or cater to particular cleaning needs like headstone polishing, weed removal, or seasonal flower planting. Spread the word through local flyers, community centres, or even obituary notices. Offer packages or customised options to suit different budgets and preferences. Remember, you’re working on sacred ground. Be mindful of mourners and maintain a professional and respectful demeanour while working. Safety first: Wear appropriate clothing and footwear, and be cautious of uneven terrain, weather conditions, and potential wildlife.

20. To become a motorbike driver for checkers

Revving up your income in 2024? Checkers is recruiting motorbike drivers! This gig lets you zip around on two wheels, delivering groceries to hungry customers. You’ll get paid per delivery, enjoy flexible hours, and become the neighbourhood hero bringing fresh finds straight to doorsteps. If you love the open road and have a reliable motorbike, partner with Checkers and turn your driving passion into a steady income stream. Ready to hit the throttle on your financial goals? Contact CMC Global Agency or Pingo directly to join the motobike crew!

21. Using my car to collect staff that knock off late at work:

Turning your car into a late-night chariot for weary workers can be a clever way to earn extra income. Identify companies or areas with a significant number of employees who finish work late. Think office buildings, factories, or even restaurants with closing shifts. Advertise your ride-sharing service by directly approaching potential customers at their workplaces. Highlight your reliability, safety, and competitive pricing. Be punctual and professional, providing a comfortable and hassle-free ride for your passengers. Consider offering extras like phone chargers or music to enhance the experience.

22. Tutoring for high school students

Turn your knowledge into cash! Tutoring high school students is a smart side hustle, more especially when you target Languages to private schools, or Maths, Science, Accounting or English to government schools – you share your academic expertise, students get a boost, and you earn a steady income stream. Whether you’re a math whiz, a grammar guru, or an essay aficionado, there’s a student out there yearning for your guidance. Offer one-on-one sessions, small group workshops, or even online tutoring – it’s all about flexibility and catering to the student’s needs. Plus, the feeling of seeing someone grasp a concept you explained is priceless (and comes with some pretty sweet financial rewards too!). So dust off your textbooks, sharpen your pencils, and unlock your tutoring potential!

23. Buy at least 6 calves and start your cow business

Starting a cow herd business (in the homelands) might seem like a farmyard fantasy, but it can be a surprisingly lucrative long-term income stream. Imagine six fluffy calves growing into a mini-herd, providing steady returns through selling calves, milk to elderly (it reminds them of their younger days and regarded as healthy), or even breeding more stock. While it requires upfront investment and dedicated care, the potential rewards are plenty: sustainable income from land, the joy of working with animals, and the satisfaction of building a legacy one beat at a time.

24. Selling African print kimonos

Unleash your inner fashionista and tap into the vibrant world of African prints! Selling kimonos adorned with these bold, beautiful patterns offers a unique income stream. Imagine: flowing silhouettes draped in shweshwe print, Tshivenda Nwenda, earthy tones, or eye-catching animal motifs. Cater to different styles, from casual beach cover-ups to elegant evening wear. You can source ready-made kimonos or even design your own, tailoring them to different body types and preferences. Promote your creations online or even collaborate with boutiques. Stand out with your cultural twist on a classic garment, and watch your passion for African prints blossom into a thriving business.

25. Sell your picture on feet finder

Feet Finder offers an unconventional but potentially lucrative income stream: selling pictures of your feet. It involves creating an online profile, uploading appealing photos (think clean, well-maintained feet in creative settings), and setting your prices. This option isn’t for everyone, and it’s vital to prioritise your comfort and boundaries. Research the platform, understand the potential risks, and ensure you’re confident in your decision before diving in. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice with ethical and financial considerations to weigh carefully.

26. Become a teacher with no qualification on italki platform

italki can be a fantastic platform to turn your language skills and teaching passion into a flexible income stream. italki lets you connect with students worldwide, all from the comfort of your own home. Set your schedule, choose your rates, and be your own boss. The platform caters to diverse needs and learning styles, so you can find your niche and build a loyal student base. No qualifications required: While formal teaching certifications are always a plus, italki welcomes enthusiastic individuals with native fluency and a passion for sharing their language. They offer resources and training to help you polish your teaching skills and build a successful profile.

27. Slushy machine

Buying slushy machine for slush and sell during summer events. A vibrant, eye-catching machine churning out rainbow rivers of delicious, refreshing slushies. Kids (and adults, let’s be honest) flock to it like bees to honey, eager to escape the sun’s wrath with a sweet, icy blast. You simply fill the hopper with your signature syrups (think classic strawberry, tangy blue raspberry, or adventurous mango madness), flick a switch, and watch the profits roll in. a vibrant, eye-catching machine churning out rainbow rivers of delicious, refreshing slushies. Kids (and adults, let’s be honest) flock to it like bees to honey, eager to escape the sun’s wrath with a sweet, icy blast. You simply fill the hopper with your signature syrups (think classic strawberry, tangy blue raspberry, or adventurous mango madness), flick a switch, and watch the profits roll in.

28. Custom printed phone covers

Create eye-catching designs, funny memes, or personalised pictures, and slap them onto phone cases. cater to specific niches like sports teams, local bands, or even pet portraits. The more unique and in-demand your designs, the bigger the cash-magnet effect.

29. Selling Arabic perfumes

Selling Arabic perfumes can be a captivating way to earn extra income. Captivate customers with the rich, long-lasting scents (1-2 days) – think spicy oud, sweet florals, and musky depths. Cater to your local community’s unique preferences, offering blends for special occasions or everyday wear. Start small with samplers or discovery sets, then as your clientele grows, expand your range with luxurious oils and stunning perfume bottles. Remember, fragrance is an experience, not just a product. Offer personalised scent consultations and educate customers about the cultural significance of these ancient aromas. Building a loyal base of fragrance enthusiasts can create a steady income stream with a touch of exotic charm. So, embrace the power of scent and embark on a fragrant financial adventure!

30. Selling Lovisa jewellery

Selling Lovisa jewellery can be a sparkling approach to earning extra cash! These trendy, affordable pieces have a wide appeal, especially among younger audiences. You can source them directly from Lovisa stores or online, then resell them through various channels. Options include setting up an online shop, hosting social media sales, or even attending local markets and festivals. Remember, success hinges on understanding your target audience’s preferences, offering fair prices, and showcasing the jewellery with attractive visuals.

31. Creating year end book for schools

Turn school memories into moolah! Creating year-end books for schools can be a sweet side hustle. Imagine capturing the year’s highlights – field trips, graduation triumphs, goofy classroom moments – in a vibrant photo book. Schools often struggle with fundraising, and parents crave mementoes for their kids. You’ll be filling a need, spreading nostalgia, and earning a tidy profit from design, printing, and sales. Think colourful layouts, catchy slogans, and personalised features like student quotes or individual portraits. Boom! You’ve just turned school spirit into a sustainable income stream.

32. Starting Homework club/kids club

Starting Homework club/kids club, teaching them home language, dance or any extramural: Turn your knowledge and love for kids into a cash-generating haven! Starting a homework club and kids club combo is a brilliant way to earn while enriching little minds. Imagine after-school sessions packed with fun home language lessons, rhythmic dance classes, or exciting extra-murals like chess or coding. Parents will flock to you for the academic support and engaging activities, while you generate a steady income through fees or subscriptions. It’s a win-win-win – happy kids, satisfied parents, and your bank account singing a happy tune! Just remember to tailor your offerings to your local needs and keep things engaging. You’ll be the neighbourhood hero, the educational rockstar, and hey, a financially happy one at that!

33. Farming goats in homelands or rural areas

Do you know goat milk can stop a poison to work in your body? Goat farming might be your fantastic side hustle. While it requires hard work and dedication, these versatile critters offer multiple income streams. Sell their lean meat to Indian or islamic communities, sell black goats to Shembe funerals or traditional healers, and adorable kids for further breeding. Remember, happy goats make happy wallets – keep them healthy and grazing, and they’ll reward you with a steady flow of moolah. It’s not for everyone, but if you like a little farmyard adventure, give goats a try – you might just be surprised at how they enrich your life and your bank account!

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