Define The Term Human Rights Violation

When a question asks you to “Define The Term Human Rights Violation”, be it on assignment, essay, research task or final exams, what are you supposed to do or how to answer it correctly?

Firstly, let us look at the magic term: Define the term. You are required to give a brief explanation of the question or the word, give meaning meaning that is easy to understand, and try explain from a South African perspective and remember, an example may give you extra marks.

Define The Term Human Rights Violation concept

human rights violation refers to any action that infringes upon the basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled. These rights are enshrined in the Constitution and are meant to protect individuals from harm, discrimination, and injustice.

Understanding Human Rights in South Africa

In South Africa, we have a Constitution that outlines the rights and responsibilities of every person living in the country. Here are some key points related to human rights:

Bill of Rights: Chapter 2 of the South African Constitution contains the Bill of Rights, which consists of 27 fundamental rights. These rights cover various aspects of life, including dignity, equality, freedom, and security.

Sample Answer for “Define The Term Human Rights Violation”✓✓

Here’s a simple sample answer that a high school student could use:

Define The Term Human Rights Violation

“A human rights violation occurs when someone’s basic rights, as outlined in the Constitution, are ignored or denied by other persons, companies or government. In South Africa, we have a Bill of Rights that protects our fundamental rights, such as the right to life, dignity, and freedom of movement. If someone experiences a violation of these rights, they can seek help from the courts or other independent bodies to address the issue.”

Marks Allocation

Accurate definition of human rights violation1✓
Mention of the South African context1✓
Explanation of access to justice1✓
Marks for Define The Term Human Rights Violation concept

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