City Power Load Reduction Schedule

City Power Johannesburg, the energy entity will implement load reduction starting Monday, June 10, during peak hours (6-10 am and 4-10 pm) in high-density areas and suburbs with concerning usage levels and residents will need to reference on their City Power load reduction schedule to avoid surprises.

Despite warnings about the constrained electricity network, residents have not heeded calls to reduce consumption. City Power’s measures include intensifying ripple relay systems to cut power to geysers, reducing load at high-consumption substations, and cracking down on illegal connections.

Over 80 areas, grouped into six blocks, will experience load reduction not exceeding 2.5 hours per block.

This last-resort measure aims to prevent equipment overloading, which could lead to explosions, fires, and prolonged outages. City Power urges residents to reduce electricity usage, change consumer behavior, and explore alternative energy sources like gas appliances to mitigate the strain on the system.

Lerato Seshoka-Ngwane

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