Back to school hairstyles for Black Girls

The back to school hairstyles for black girls is a topic close to me as I am a mom to a 6 year old little girl starting school this year. As a working mom, I need styles that are not only easy to manage but will also ensure my little angel looks fabulous as she head back to school.

I have big hair naturally and The Ngwane family, where I am married, are also people with big natural hair and I think my little girl got the best of both genes.

The 2024 Back to school hairstyles for black girls should be easy to manage for a little girl, and must at least last throughout the school day, most importantly must comply with school regulations.

List of back to school hairstyles for black girls

To ease the burden, me and my colleagues have put together five simple and natural hairstyles that are suitable for black girls. For white back to school hairstyles.


This hairstyle is relatively intricate compared to others on the list, but its durability makes it worthwhile. Divide the hair into as many sections as desired. The versatility of this style allows it to be worn in various ways throughout the school week, providing a long-lasting and adaptable option for your child’s hair.

TWO AFRO BUNCHES (not Space Buns)

This particular hairstyle is a well-established classic that never fails to impress. Your little one with natural curls will appear utterly charming in this effortlessly chic style. To maintain the look, consider securing the puffs into petite buns and wrapping them with a scarf. Come morning, refresh the edges of the style, and your child will be all set for the school day ahead.


This particular hairstyle offers a more elaborate twist compared to the previous one. The space bun style, adorned with rubber band details, may appear intricate, but it’s surprisingly simple to achieve. The beauty of this style lies in its versatility—you can personalise it with various coloured rubber bands and other accessories. With just a bit of daily maintenance, this style has the potential to endure throughout the entire week, making it a practical and stylish choice for your little one going back to school.


This hairstyle presents a unique variation compared to the previous two. It’s incredibly easy to achieve and absolutely adorable. You can opt for afro puffs, braided or twisted pigtails, or even choose buns or Bantu knots. Personalise the look by leaving the two front braids plain or embellishing them with beads or barrettes. Similar to the other styles mentioned, with minimal daily adjustments, this versatile hairstyle can endure from Monday through to Friday, offering a practical and stylish option for each school day.


On those mornings when you can’t be bothered with intricate hairstyling, consider embracing the ‘fro! Simply moisturise and seal your child’s hair, then fluff it into the desired shape. You can opt to add a headband for a cute touch, or leave it unadorned. For maintenance, create a few large bantu knots to keep the hair stretched and secure with a scarf. Keep in mind that the longevity of this style depends on your little one’s activity level – it might not last the whole week if they’re particularly active. Nonetheless, it’s a wonderfully cute and convenient option for those busy mornings when time and energy are in short supply.

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